CJ Trading T/A Auctions NI Lurgan – Terms & Conditions

***PLEASE NOTE – We do not have the facility to store items post auction. Please check with our office if you require P&P worldwide. We can also offer a local courier service***


  1. All prospective buyers by making a bid for any of the lots advertised in the catalogue acknowledge that their attention has been drawn to these conditions of sale and that they are bound by them.


  1. The highest bidder for each lot shall be the purchaser thereof, and in the event of any dispute, the Auctioneer shall have absolute discretion either to settle such dispute or to re-offer the lot immediately.


  1. All purchases must be paid for by cash, card, bank transfer or using the secure ‘Pay Now’ facility on your emailed invoice post sale.


  1. The purchase money together with 18% Auctioneers fees + VAT (Minimum Commission £1) shall be paid immediately after the auction. No lots will be delivered to the purchaser until he/she has made payment in full. All items must be removed by 5pm on the day following the auction (4pm Fridays). Items not collected within stated timescale will be subject to storage charges.


  1. All lots are sold in accordance with the ‘Auctions and Bidding Agreements Act’ which places responsibility upon the purchaser. All sales are regarded as ‘Wholesale’ not ‘Retail’ and so are not afforded protection under the Consumer Protection Act and other laws.


  1. Upon receipt of payment in full from the purchaser the Auctioneer undertakes to pay to the vendor within a reasonable time, the balance of the purchase monies less any commission charges due.


  1. The Auctioneer may, without giving any reason thereof, refuse to accept the bidding of any person/persons.


  1. Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the catalogue but no sale shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or faults in any of the lots by reason of the any of the lots being incorrectly described in the catalogue and no compensation shall be paid in respect of any such faults or errors in description. The Auctioneers give no warranty as to the genuineness or authenticity of the goods & the purchaser shall accept every lot with all faults & errors of description.


  1. Since goods have been available for inspection by or on behalf of the purchaser prior to the sale, no warranty, condition, description or representation on the part of the vendor is given or implied, not is any warranty, condition, description or representation to be taken to have been implied from anything said by or on behalf of the vendor prior to the sale. Any statutory or other warranty, condition or description expressed or implied as to the state, quality or fitness of the goods is hereby expressly excluded.


  1. Auctions NI disclaim all responsibility for default by either the Purchaser or Vendor because he acts as the agent for the Vendor only and therefore does not pay out to the Vendor until payment is received from the purchaser.


  1. The goods remain on the premises at the Purchasers risk from the fall on the hammer and shall be taken with all imperfections, damage or errors of description. Purchasers are deemed to have thoroughly inspected each lot prior to the sale and the Auctioneer does not give any warranty or guarantee whatsoever.


  1. All items entered for auction are at owners own risk. It is the responsibility of those leaving in items to be sold to ensure if such items have been sold at the auction and if not to make arrangements for their collection.


  1. All items not sold during the auction must be collected by 5 pm on the day following the auction or period specified. If items are not lifted within the specified period Auctions NI reserve the right to sell the item/s at the next auction without reserve , or donate said items to charity.


  1. No person may advance less at a bid than a sum to be named from time to time by the Auctioneer.


  1. The vendors may not bid on or for any lots they have entered for auction.


  1. Each lot shall be at the purchaser’s risk from the fall of the hammer and must be paid in full before removal from the auction premises and must be taken away by the purchaser at his own expense by 5pm on the day following the auction (4pm on Fridays) at which the lot was purchased. If any lot is not so taken away by the purchaser the vendor or the auctioneer shall be entitled at the risk of the purchaser to remove the same to any place of storage and shall not be responsible for any expenses of such removal or storage or any damage or destruction or loss thereby occasioned. Furthermore, where goods by agreement are stored after a sale at the purchaser’s request on either the vendor or auctioneers premises, the items so stored will be entirely at the risk of the purchaser and no responsibility can be accepted by either the vendor or the auctioneer for loss, damage or destruction thereby arising. Where storage is necessary any fee for same shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.


  1. All damage done to the premises at which the sale takes place or to lots or any parts thereof occasioned by such removal by the auctioneer under the last condition and all damage occasioned by the purchaser shall be made good by the purchaser and principals shall be responsible for the acts of their servants and agents. All breakages must be paid for.


  1. In as much as the auctioneers act only as agents, they shall not be responsible for any act or default of either the purchaser or the vendor and in particular shall not be liable to pay the vendor until payment is received from the purchaser.


  1. The auctioneers are prepared to accept commission bids on behalf of the intending purchaser who is unable to attend a sale. The auctioneers are not responsible for, nor are they in any way connected with, commission to purchase lots given to any member of their staff other than by the auctioneer.


  1. Neither the vendor nor the auctioneer accept responsibility for duties (if any) by the Health & Safety Act 1974 and or Health & Safety at Work (N.I) Order 1978 or any other statutory provision and the buyer accepts responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of any such statutory provision are complied with.


  1. References to acts of parliament shall be deemed to include all acts, orders and statutory instruments enlarging, re-enacting or amending the same as in force from time to time.